Hello, Leo Season Is Finally Here!!!


Your summer might have gotten off to a slow start, but the party’s about to begin! On July 22, the Sun enters its favorite sign, Leo, marking day one of Leo season 2021 and helping you live out the Hot Girl Summer of your dreams! Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are thriving the most right now, while fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius are facing a few challenges.

When the Sun is moving through Leo, you’re feeling a stronger sense of self. You’re assured of your own convictions, and you’re driven to do whatever it is you want to do with your life!.This is a creative time, too, so if you’re an artist/singer/dancer/meme-maker/whatever, you might be putting out some of your greatest work. You’re simply feeling more like you.

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Leo season is always a bright, memorable time, because the Sun is at its absolute strongest in this sign. Everyone knows that Leo always has to be the star of the show, but if you’re not careful, you might dip into some not-so-nice Leo behavior and get just a tad egotistical or jealous. Remember, there’s room for everybody to succeed and thrive this Leo season!

Leo is drama. Leo is flair. Leo wants to throw glitter on everything and turn everyday mundaneness into the most fabulous thing ever! For the next month, you’re taking on the sign of the lion’s vibes and giving your life a major glow up! Happy summer!

Read your Sun/Rising horoscopes for Leo season 2021 below:


Love is in the air! Your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun is getting lit up by Leo season’s fiery vibes. You’re feeling luckier than ever right now when it comes to, well, getting lucky! You have an action-packed month ahead of you. Have fun, bb—just don’t get too reckless!


Life at home is your top priority right now. Tidy up! Redecorate! Connect with your family! Leo season is asking you to take a bit of a cat nap right now and get in touch with your roots, so sit back and relax!


You’re feeling chattier than ever this Leo season! Your innate gift of gab is amplified this month, and whether you’re with old friends or new connections, all eyes are on you! Flirt! Tell jokes! Speak up! If you have something to say, say it—people want to hear your voice, Gem!


Now that Cancer season is over, you’re settling into your day-to-day routine and getting back to work. This next month is pretty busy, but with all that work comes extra cash! Try to save when you can, because even though you’re making more money now, you’re also more likely to overspend.


Happy birthday! You’re always the star of the show in your mind, but the spotlight’s on you for real right now. Who or what do you want to include in your life? How can you achieve that? If there are any major relationships, jobs, or projects that you want to start, now’s the time, Leo!


You stress and stress and stress about how useful you are to other people. You love to take care of them. You often take better care of them than you do yourself, though, and end up burned out. Focus on you. Take care of you. Clean up, figure out a better self-care routine, and fix your sleep sched! Everyone else can handle being alone without your help, I promise.


This next month is one of the most social times of year for you! You’re feeling more popular than ever, not only because your squad is constantly hitting you up, but because everywhere you go there are new faces trying to connect. Your social life’s getting a major glow up—enjoy!


You’re reaching a critical moment in your development, Scorpio, especially in regards to work. You’re really in the spotlight this month, and your boss is keeping a super close eye on you. There’s work to be done, so go do it! Your performance has long-term rewards (or consequences!) so if you do well, a bonus or promotion is likely.


You pride yourself in how well-rounded you are, and this month is here to help you become an even more well-rounded person. Whether it’s through travel, a class, or just a new interest you discover, you’re learning tons and growing even more this month, Sagittarius!


Commitment is very important to you, Cap. This month you’re focusing in on your tightest, strongest relationships, and learning how to make them even more secure. The super emotional, erotic vibe is perf for getting intimate with someone special. Just know that if you’re fooling around with a fling, you’re probably gonna catch feelings!


Leo season = cuffing season for your sign, Aquarius, so your love life is taking over this month! All of your relationships—including the platonic ones—are your biggest focus. You’re strengthening your connections, making new relationships happen, and living it up with your boo, bestie, or both!


Leo vibes can be very self-centered, as we all know. But y’know what, Pisces? Own it! This season is all about focusing on yourself and your health—physical and mental. Start healthier, more productive behaviors, up your self-care game, and you’ll be surprised at the long-term benefits that come your way.

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