Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

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What’s happening: Mercury and dreamy Neptune connect on Saturday, creating an emotional but romantic vibe. Enjoy it, because on Sunday, Mercury opposes Pluto, making confrontations or tough conversations more likely than ever.

On Tuesday, Mercury enters fun-loving Leo, boosting your mood, and on Wednesday, Jupiter Retrograde slides backwards into Aquarius, allowing you to take a second look at past relationships. Finally, on Thursday, Mars and Jupiter oppose each other, cranking your sex drive up to maximum levels before Mars slides into hardworking Virgo!

What that means for you:


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The moody astro-weather is raining on your parade all weekend, but the rest of the week is looking up! First, Mercury entering Leo on Tuesday highlights your chart’s romance/sex zone, so there are tons of hotties sliding into your DMs. In fact, this week's astro is amazing for getting down and dirty with someone sexy, especially if you’re hooking up or in a FWB situationship. Just watch out when Mars enters Virgo on Thursday—it’s about to make life at work extra busy!


Here’s the good news: This weekend’s vibe is über romantic, so if you’re in a LTR or looking for something ~serious~, you’re in luck! Have your date night now, because you’re focusing aaaalllll your energy on work and home for the rest of the week. Some good news: After fiery Mars enters Virgo on Thursday, your sex drive skyrockets and you're feeling more confident than ever.


This weekend’s a big one. Expect major conversations between you and your partner, especially about commitment. One of you is ready to take things to the next level, but the other (probs you!) just isn’t quite sure. Don’t get caught up in what ifs this week, Gemini. If you like being with someone, why not commit? If things don’t work out, you can always break up! You can’t feel truly close, or truly intimate, if you keep holding back.


Try something (or someone!) new this weekend, Cancer. Your usual routine just isn't working, and now’s the perfect time to figure out what needs to change in your love life. Don’t let your feels get the best of you, though—work on finding a solution, don’t just blow up on your boo over something you've never actually told them bugs you. If you’re struggling to find the words to say, don’t worry—Mars entering Virgo at the end of the week is perfect for finding the confidence to speak your truth.


HBD! Leo season started off more quietly than you’d like, but after Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday, the pace picks up! Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it’s in your sign, you’re able to confidently speak up. Shoot your shot! Tell your boo you’re ready to DTR! Right now, important conversations can lead to long-lasting results. Just remember: If you hit up your crush but they’re not interested, move on to the next.


Make sure you’re extra clear when you’re talking with your partner this weekend. Whether they're a hookup, a FWB, or the LOYL doesn’t matter—there’s loads of hazy, brain foggy energy in the stars, so it’s important to make sure you’re both on the exact same page. You might think you’re in a casual flirtationship, but the other person wants something more real—or vice versa. This weekend is a lesson on how to communicate more effectively.


New connections are pouring in left and right, Libra, so take a peek at your DMs—someone sexy is hitting you up! All of this Leo astro-weather is making you feel more flirty than ever. If you’re single and ready to mingle, this is a spectacular time to find someone new, especially if you’re just looking for fun. Lucky Jupiter entering your chart’s romance/sex zone at the end of the week means that all Libras, single or not, are getting way more action soon!


Take advantage of this weekend’s über romantic vibes while you can, Scorpio! Mercury is teaming up with dreamy Neptune to activate your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone, and lucky Jupiter is giving you extra confidence and a little more oomph. Don’t take life so seriously this weekend. Have a little fun! Jupiter’s good vibes are wearing off when it slides back into Aquarius at the end of the week, so now’s the time to fool around!


This weekend, there are major conversations taking place, urging you to open up on a deep level. This is an emotional, intimate weekend, Sagittarius. If your relationship’s in great shape, you could get really, really close with your boo. But if there are any hidden feelings, secrets, or imbalances in your love life, they're all coming out at once! Good luck!


There’s a wee bit of Cancer astro-weather activating your chart’s relationships zone this weekend, so take advantage of the moment and do something fun with your boo! Single? Not a problem—it’s a spectacular time to hook up or find a new crush! During the week, you’re taking your love life more seriously, spending quality time with your boo, and getting to know them on a deeper level (in and out of bed). It’s not all serious, though, because when Mars enters Virgo at the end of the week, your libido skyrockets and your sex life becomes hotter than ever!


Leo season = cuffing season for your sign, and the energy is only getting more and more exciting! Work is low-key kicking your ass this weekend, but after the week begins, you have more time off the clock to focus on your love life. If casual flirtationships are your thing, you can have some fun, but you’re better off using this astro-weather to find something more serious or upgrade your current relationship. Mars entering Virgo at the end of the week makes your sex life way, way hotter, but it also makes you way, way more emotional, so catching feelings is practically guaranteed!


There’s a little bit of exciting astro-weather happening in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun rn, so you can expect an action-packed weekend! You’re simply feeling luckier when it comes to, well, getting lucky, and you’re running into puh-lenty opportunities for romance as well. Unfortunately, the increasing amount of Leo astro-weather makes life at work super busy this week. Better news: On Thursday, Mars enters Virgo, inspiring you to make new connections and spice up your love life however you can!

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